Thursday, June 30, 2011

Couple things

Oliver!  For the love of pete, go back to being a newborn or sit up already!  He is turning out to be a squirmer like his other red-headed brother, and it is most obnoxious when trying to give him a bath.  Baths in the baby tub across the kitchen sink were nixed a while ago because of the messes he would make from splashing, so the baby tub is again in the big tub.  Now it's a backbreaking chore to keep him from trying to flip over to his tummy (his favorite position to be in).  I dread giving him baths, there's no other word to describe it other than ridiculous.  Should get easier when he can sit unassisted then i can toss the baby bath for good.

He smiles when i brush his teeth.  I think he likes how it feels.

He eats a big chunk of banana every night for the past week now.  I put it in one of those netted thingamabobs (seriously? spell check didn't even try and correct that word) with the handle on the end, and he just sucks away until he finishes all the mashed up yumminess.  Have tried giving him a little oatmeal a few times but he's not into it.

He's a fast mover.  There is no safe place for him anymore.  Try putting him on his back and he's rolled over in a half a second looking for the next thing to go after.  I need to find one of those big 'ol gated confinement playthings or something.  Keeping a baby safe with one other kid was kinda of a pain but doable.  With a 5 and 2 year old and the trail of junk they leave behind?  It's getting impossible.

He's still the most precious gorgeous smily baby in the whole world and everyone who meets him falls instantly in love.  

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