Thursday, June 2, 2011


Seriously, we were starting to think this kid was invincible.  Feeding every 3-4 hours.  Never fussed for more than a few seconds except for the obvious tired hungry poopy reasons.  Happiest baby ever, we actually call him Mr. Happy, it's his real name.  Giggly and soooo ticklish.  Asleep by 8:30.  SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  And by that i mean actually sleeping the entire night not waking up once until just after 6am when i would awake with a panic thinking "Who stole my baby?!"  
But there had to be a catch.  No baby can be this perfect.  And we soon discovered his kryponite.  Teeth!  Dun Dun Dunnnnn.  Fussy fussy fussy.  At fourth months and 1 day old his first little pearly white started poking through, the one next to it a few days later.  Neither of the other boys were bothered by it much so this is all new to me.  So now he wakes earlier than before, and some days we nurse more often just because that's what makes him feel better.  And something must be in his mouth to gnaw on at all times.  But it's all good.  He's still the sweetest little soul i've ever met in my life.

He's growing like a weed too.  Was 13lbs at his two month appt., just had his 4 month appt. and was over 15lbs.  Just gave him a bath tonight, which he loves but he makes such a mess it's maddening.  The baby tub fits perfectly sideways in the kitchen sink, but he kicks his chunky legs so forcefully that water splashes all over and floods the counter and soaks me.  I need to start training him to sit up so he'll be able to do it on his own early hopefully and then i can have him sitting up in the big bath.  I'm sure it'll happen faster than i can imagine.

And here's your overload of pics for the time being...

It seems i have another book lover on my hands.

How do you choose just one picture with this much sweetness?

Not loving the wind so much

First trip to the zoo, loving the sea lions

First Haircut, said goodbye to the mullet!

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  1. Stop it!!!!!!!!! That's it we are coming up!! I've been sending you vibes to post new pics of 'his cuteness' wahoo!! Dang it all I could just kiss those cheeks all day!!!

    Baby O sounds just like grant (minus the 15 freaking pounds at 4 freaking months!!). I remember thinking "what happened to my happy baby?!?!"...and then two teeth popped out!!