Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ian Update

Ian Update:
Oh my word - EMOTIONAL! This kid will melt down at the drop of a hat.  He's not sensitive, just very emotive. Just in the last month we've seen a few drop to the floor tantrums.  Those are a first for me because Joey never did that even once.  He's warming up to the new baby as best as he can, but i think there's a bit of a protest going on inside his itty bitty heart. Been trying to find time for moments with just him, reading books or playing catch w/ the football (his favorite) but it's hard to balance it all.  Thankfully he has his brother to spend most of his day playing (fighting) with.
The way to his heart might have to be through his stomach, for the time being anyway. After i broke his heart again by taking him out of Joey's preschool class to go home, I excitedly tell him we can have a snack in the car and i'll race him there. Tears dry up as instantaneously as they appear and we're off and running- as best we can anyway while holding hands and carrying an infant car seat. In the van, i give him the whole box of cheezits to hold all by himself and i'm back to being his favorite person in the whole wide world. I'm guilty of using this tactic another time too as i lure him with the mention of a brownie at home that we won't tell his brother about.
I would love to stop at a playground or take him somewhere where he can learn and experience new things, but we need to go home to feed the baby AGAIN. I remember the guilt when Ian was born feeling like i was short-changing Joey, and now we're back in a familiar situation. I know it's good for them in the long run to have these brothers for a lifetime though so i'll get over it.
Despite his tough exterior, Ian can be sooooo sweet, I think mostly due to those big brown beautiful eyes of his. He can give you a look that will melt your heart. Some fun things about him now- he likes to say he's Batman and do his own interpretation of the theme song as he loudly thumps through the house. All his answers to questions now are either "Ummmm YEA" or "Nope". Has always been into accessories and if there's a hat or pair of shoes or anything that looks like it could be worn somehow, he will try it on. Yesterday he figured out how to put my sleep eye mask on his head, velcro it under his chin and was calling it his helmet. This was after joey told me Ian was trying to wear it as a bra. His favorite to put on though are his boots. Most the time they're on backwards, but it's one less thing i need to to do to get out of the house so i think it's great. He also insists on putting on his own pants now, and often you can find him walking around with a pair of joey's underwear over them. After a bath recently, he came across a pile of clean clothes, put on a pair of my pink undies, and was running up and down the hall. I promise not to tell his future girlfriend. ;O 

One thing's for sure, he's an original, no doubt about that.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Blogging like i used to is not going to be realistic at this point in life.  I will have to be satisfied with adding what i can when i can.

Oliver update:
my high maintenance (aren't they all) so adorable i want to eat him baby.  Really though, he's pretty content most of the time, but that's easy to be when you are either sleeping, being held, or have a boob in your face.  I love him like crazy and so do his brothers.  Hours of sleep at night vary.  Last night he slept for 5 straight hours but the other night he was up every 2.  Yes, i am his slave for now, but that's the way it's supposed to be.  I realized last night that my evening showers are the only time that i get to be completely alone.  Someday though this house will be empty, quiet, less demanding.  And i will miss the noise, the mess, and all the neediness that needs attention NOW.  So i will cherish the ache in my upper spine that goes along with carrying and breastfeeding a baby countless times a day, laugh at the simultaneous chorus of whines and cries(easier said than done), and know in my heart as i kiss the perfect little fingers that lay next to me in bed at night that these are the best days of my life.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


And better than ever! Why? Because Oliver's here with us now!
If you want to catch up on the past four years, that was here http://web.mac.com/micheleewer/iWeb/Site/Blog/Blog.html
More recent entries being pregnant with O man are here http://www.babycrowd.com/jr/online/partyof5/
It's been almost a year since i've blogged, other than my pregnancy journal site, and this will be our new home from now on. Life's fast, busy, and draining right now. Fun and sweetness is certainly mixed in during the day, but at the end of it i am exhausted.
Love my boys, thankful for my life, but really looking forward to future days.