Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I take it back!

Ummm, what crazy lady wrote that time with joey now is "just heavenly"?  She must have been very well rested and had children asleep for a few hours when she wrote it.  There are still times i want to wring his little neck the whining is sooooooooooo annoying.  I find myself praying out loud, "Lord, please keep me from whining about my child's whining!"  

Ian likes to eat baby food.  Yep, straight out of the container.  He asked for a taste last week, and i gave him some assuming he would realize it's gross and that would be the end of it.  Nope, he wanted the whole thing and then some.  So i'm letting him eat baby food when he asks for it.  Don't tell anyone, but i was secretly a little happy he liked it because now he's at least getting some vegetables in his diet. ;O  But we all know organic baby food ain't cheap.  So i'm going to have to start pureeing my own.  Then putting it into used baby food containers.  Because i have a feeling it's not so much what ian's eating that he likes, but the fact that it comes in a package and looks store bought.  

Oliver's getting seriously fast with his army crawl.  And sweeter and cuter by the day.  His adorable level is just off the charts, disgusting.  He's eating solids twice a day, usually some sort of veggie late morning and mushy banana with oatmeal in the evening.  Breastfeeding same amount.  Oh, and if music starts playing, he gets up on his knees and starts rocking back and forth, it's incredible.

Favorite quotes of the week:

J- "Mommy, I want to tell you something."  "Mommies are better than chocolate cake."

Me (after chatting with joey about how fun it was playing in the ocean)- "Ian, you didn't want to go into the water did you.  Did it scare you?"
I- "The water was moooooooving, Mommy. Did you see the Oceannnnn?"

J- "I like swim class better than T-ball Camp."

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  1. Thanks for the manymany posts!! Love reading them over and over. And love all the pictures!!

    Whining and hi-pitched screaming have always been my 'nails on a chalk board'. Even when Grant was less than a year old and he would screech, I would distract him and make him do another sound. No whenhe whines, I tell him it hurts Momma's ears and he stops (usually) and kisses my ear ; )

    I am so proud of Joey! Swim lessons, tball and riding a bike!! Keep up the good work Joey!!! So awesome! I can't wait to hear how his new teacher is and how he likes her/him.
    Oliver just needs to stop already!! Doesn't he know he's supposed to be a baby!!! Doesn't he know that he is your last one (theoretically) and you want him to stay a baby for as long as possible??? I think he sees his brothers having do much fun he just can't wait to play with them!! He sounds so much like both the boys, little bit of each. Sounds like with his coordination and size you really might have a linebacker in the future ; )
    Sweet Ian! Man I love his spirit! I don't love how big he is getting, his little legs are hanging almost to the car floor in his carseat. I agree that an ER trip is in your future...though I thought it would have happen by now ; ). (I smile only because I know he's tough and that he's havin so much fun doin whatever causes the dreaded ER trip).

    Kisses to all ; )