Sunday, August 28, 2011

At the BBQ

There are two things only that will get Oliver to crawl on hands and knees:  a cold bathroom floor. And grass.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

In case you haven't gotten your daily dose of cuteness yet!

You're welcome.

Pay no mind to the giant painting that was knocked down off the wall and the disaster zone in the background.  The Fuller boys came to play for the afternoon.  Oh wait, nevermind, it's like that around here everyday.


Look who moved up to the big boy seat today.

He loved it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


He's a beauty for sure.  Still not sure how he's is gaining any weight at all considering all the non-stop action that his day consists of.  And it goes something like this; He's either....

Trying to get to something...

Trying to get over something...

Orrrrrrrr, trying to walk,

trying to walk, trying to walk, trying to walk.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And the brainwashing begins

Oh yes, it's football season already.  Pre-season anyway.  First seahawks game was on tonight, and since we don't have ESPN at home, i packed up some dinner, loaded the two youngest in the bike trailer, and joey and i pedaled our way over to the barber shop to show our support for their daddy's only favorite hobby in the world.  Poor Oliver.  I can just see the hope rising up in his little heart, thinking he has something exciting to look forward to.  Little does he know that if he's really really lucky, he might only have to wait 30 long years to see his team in the superbowl.  Just like his daddy did.

Although for watching such a crummy team for a couple years now, these guys don't seem too bummed out.

But then again, joey says his favorite team is the dolphins, so maybe he's happy the seahawks suck.

I sound bitter.  Maybe i'm just mad that Matt is gone for good.  I couldn't even look at the screen, the game just isn't the same anymore.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Boy

He's either thinking about how much he loves me...
    Or he's about to sock me one.

We think he's pretty cool.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Just checking...

Does anyone read this besides my Californian sister?  Thanks Beck, you are for sure my biggest fan.  ;O

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Joey asks me this week why they call it Vacation Bible School.  So i say well... Well, it's like school because you're learning, and it's the bible you're learning about, and it happens while you're on summer vacation.  The real reason though is that it's actually a vacation week for the moms.  Three hours each day for a whole week being kid free at NO COST.  That's just awesome.  I'm volunteering with joey's age group but it still feels like a vacation to me.  Oliver's in the nursery being held and cuddled with lots of fun toys to play with.  All i have to do is come and feed him when it's time, and hand him back for his diaper change!  Ian stayed home with daddy Monday.  Came to VBS Tuesday to play with the 2-3's group.  Said he didn't want to go today, so he spent the morning at the barber shop.  Going to grammie's in the morning to play, which means we all have to be out the door by 7:30.  Not sure yet the plan for Friday.  But really, it's been so much fun.  I don't have to listen to brothers arguing, don't have to lug around my fantastic but heavy baby.  I just get to play and help manage 60-some five year olds and help those that don't already know to understand just how much God loves them.  I know it means a lot to Joey that i'm volunteering with his group, and i am loving the time i am getting to spend with him. Oh, and we have matching shirts :-)

Here's a snippet of a little outdoor fun, some good 'ol duck duck goose.

I thought Ian was a climber

  Apparently i was wrong.

Don't bother trying to tell him he's only six months old, he's not listening!

Kid's got five teeth already too.  Who does he think he is anyway, a one year old?!

He won't sit still.  Literally.  I try to sit him in an upright position, which he hasn't mastered yet unassisted, and in half a second he's plopped onto his belly and is on the move.  Always moving moving moving.

Milestone of the day:  Picked up a cheerio and put it in his mouth!