Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ewer Beach 2009 Parts 1&2

Gearing up for our beach trip this weekend, as i put together the videos for 2010 and 2011, it's fun to watch the ones from previous years.  Here's 2009, it was a long one!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is this really our first hike of the year?  Trails around town don't count so yeah, i think it is.  And it was AWESOME.  One mile in, one mile out.  Perfect for kids who know how to not fall off a cliff.

I absolutely LOVE hiking with my family.  It's all the greatness of camping without the we have to pack the whole house part.  Everyone is just so happy when we are out enjoying God's creation.  My oldest is the outdoor enthusiast for sure, which is funny because he's also the indoor enthusiast as well, total book lover.  I could not get over what a good mood he had today, and every time we go hiking actually.  I know most kids complain every day, but this kid sets the bar.  The boy did not complain once for almost a whole day.  This is a miracle people.  Oh the peace, the quiet that my mind was able to experience.  Can we move out into the woods please? ;O

Picking me a flower of course.  They always pick me flowers.

I really like these guys.

Daddy's dog tired but O says giddy-up!

This was not my friend.  Snakes aren't my favorite but i can handle little fast ones that zip out of the way on the trail.  What creeps me out are slow as molasses prehistoric looking snakes that don't seem to care at all if you're there because at any second they're going to turn into a fire breathing hell monster.  Hubby said he's never seen one before, that didn't help my overactive imagination either.  Thankfully i have a six year old who's braver than me.

Saw soooo many butterflies

Rock throwing of course

Lots of rocky beach area to hang and picnic at

Made it to the end.  Still smiling.

Peanut butter cookies were promised to all good troopers upon returning to the van.  The child took one bite and fell asleep.  Never let go of the cookie til he woke up when we pulled into the driveway.  Turns out throwing rocks as big as your head is pretty tiring!

              1.  Scooping device used to shovel massive amounts of hummus into mouth.

Is Washing a car really that fun?

They seem to think so.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Independence Day part II

Buds sharing some shortcake

Some of the crew

My pretty mommy

Giggling with Grammy

Neighbors captivated by the show

No idea what Ian's doing

Free hug from Ian, SCORE!