Monday, March 19, 2012


Okay for those who need their photo fixes, i have an awesome new little do-hicky on the right of the page i call the photo vault, which will take you to a different website where i will randomly post photos i have taken off my phone.  I think it's pretty easy to print off any pics you like.  I haven't played around with it much but we'll see how it works out.  Enjoy!

Ian speak

Joey was harassing his brother as usual, trying to get a rise out of him, and i told Ian, "Just ignore him sweetie, he's confused."

Ian: What does "carnfuzed" mean?

Me:  Umm, well, it means his brain's not thinking straight, he's thinking something other than what's actually true. 

Ian: (with total seriousness) Ohhh, is joey's brain bent?

Scratch that!

That quickly changed to 5 out of 5 for vomiting episodes in the Ewer household a couple days later.  Joe went down saturday night and the mightiest little one finally succumbed on sunday.  And no, my dear sister, "puke bug" is something entirely different than the flu, which all of us got as well at different times.  It turned into 3 exhausting weeks but i am seeing the light now, as i am feeling pretty good although my voice and cough say otherwise.  Last week would be hilarious to a fly on the wall i'm sure but it was a bad few days for this real life momma.  My voice was gone on thursday, G-O-N-E.  And joey whenever he gets bad sick, like once a year, can't seem to hear ANYTHING for a couple weeks after.  These two things just happened to occur at the exact same time.  So i'm so frustrated painfully trying to yell at him just to get his attention and his innocent face "what?" is met by a contorted angry weary face trying to simply communicate a simple direction.  My voice after 2 1/2 days started getting better, but joey still can't hear squat.  Ian was started on antibiotics last wednesday for an ear and sinus infection.  I'm not a big fan of unnecessary drugs so i made sure that the dr. was sure that his wouldn't clear up on his own.  I guess the goopy nose and cough he's had for a month would have been another indication. ;O  Joey was actually the one i was more concerned about because of the coughing fits he's been having, especially at night.  He coughs so much and can't stop he thought he was going to throw up because it makes him gag.  He had fluid in his ears but she was pretty convinced that he would be fine on his own.  Ahhh, with five of us there's more love to go around, but that means more germs make their rounds too.  Summer come quickly!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another one bites the dust

3 out of 5 of us now have had vomiting episodes thanks to the nasty puke bug that we've somehow avoided for months but has finally caught up to us.  I had it twice, still hasn't completely left my system, joey has had a round with it, and now the latest victim today was Ian, who threw up for the first time in his life.  Joe has felt really nauseous a couple of times, praying Oliver is protected from it altogether.  It's been an exhausting two weeks.  Where's my white flag?