Monday, March 28, 2011

Things We Learned on Sunday!

1.  Oliver will be gassy if i eat tacos the night before.

2.  You may NOT pour room temperature water into a glass pan that has been cooking a whole chicken for 20 minutes.  It WILL explode into a million tiny pieces.  In your oven.  Maybe this is something i should have already known.

3.  Redoing a bathroom takes at least 7 days, not 2.

4.  Even though he's eaten it a bazillion times with no problems at all, we think Joey is now allergic to tuna as well.  Our couch with puke all over it is pretty convinced of it.

And the fun part of life is that this stuff all happens at the same time, all the time.  Lucky for me dad happened to be over and helped me clean up glass from all over the kitchen.  And he mowed the lawn for joe.  And microfiber cushion covers can be machine washed.  And Oliver was his usual happy self within an hour.  And then he slept through the night.  Good ending!

Joey telling us the flash is too bright.

Already showing off some muscles
"See my dinosaur baby, see dinosaur?"


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love

I LOVE... my baby Oliver Moses.

I love... that my boys love Oliver too.

I love...  my baby's delicious face.

I love...  that he sucks his thumb.

I love...  that he fell asleep on his own tonight in his Moses basket.

I love...  my friend Holly for giving me the idea to warm up his bed with a heating pad. (i take it out right before putting him down)

I love...  that he is so perfect and sweet that he almost makes me want to have another baby.  (That's a big fat ALMOST people)

I love...  that when he stirs in his sleep sometimes all i have to do is hold his little hand and his body relaxes again into rest.

I love...  feeling his snuggly warm body next to me in bed knowing this will be the last time i get this privilege of caring for something so small.

I love...  watching all my boys sleep and the quiet of night that makes me forget about all the stresses of the day that seemed insurmountable.

I love...  that i'm not as down in the dumps as i was, even if it was only for a couple of weeks.  It's good that i can think of things that i love.

I love...  my husband, who shows me who Christ is through his love.