Saturday, September 1, 2012

Look out now

Know what word i always described myself as the exact opposite of?  You know it, crafty.

But thanks to the internet, things are a changin'.  Baby steps.  Big intentions.  Very little time. Great excitement in little accomplishments.  Stealing the craftiness from those who are gifted with it for my own DIY enjoyment.  

Take my candle for example.  Mom was probably in the house for less than a minute, when i asked, "Did you see my candle?"  Like it was a new puppy or something.

Place small amount of coffee beans in wine glass or any other type of holder of your choice, put in a vanilla candle, then pour in the rest of the beans around the candle.  Light.  The heat from the candle will warm the beans and soon the aroma of vanilla coffee will fill the house.


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