Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kindergarten baby!

So Joey was actually looking forward to school starting this year!  That's so huge coming from someone who regularly described school as "ridiculous".  His open house was last Thursday, he was able to drop off his school supplies, officially meet his teacher(was already familiar with since her room is connected to pre-school room), and meet some new friends.  Then the Snow Cone Social was that same night, and he got to run around with some old friends from his class last year.  After introducing the teachers during the parents meeting, the kids got to leave with their class while we stayed and heard about the upcoming year.  Joey said they got to watch a video the whole time!

Anyway come Tuesday, he was soooo ready.  His #1 reason was his teacher said they can read books right away when they get to class.  "Last year we had to finish our worksheets first."  It's so interesting that it seems when he genuinely wants to be happy, something true to his inborn personality just seems to fight it with every fiber of his being.  I mean he really pulled out all the stops this morning, just woke up in a foul mood, complaining about EVERYTHING.  Thankfully God gave me the grace to ignore his funk until he got over it, which was about when we pulled into the school parking lot.  Usually his frustrating attitude gets my blood boiling but i was able to stay cool this morning, not feed into it and i just told him, "I already prayed for you when i got up this morning, and i know you're gonna have the most awesome day!"
He was all sunshine and roses when we got out of the van, happy to take pictures even though 30 seconds prior had vehemently stated that there would be no photographs whatsoever.  From what (very) little info i was able to extract from him, he seems to have had an excellent first day of school.  Praise God!

You can tell by the cheekbones that there's a smile.

There's my goofball.

The official pic.

Blurry, but we love Miss Hamilton!

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  1. This is not POSSIBLE!!!! My sweet baby Joey is not in Kindergarten!

    Love Love Love the official picture, he does look really happy to be there. ; )