Monday, June 4, 2012

Beach Part II

Depoe Bay

 It was a scary loooong ways down.

 The people at the chowder bowl sure know how to get customers for life.  Just put a train up by the ceiling that goes all the way around the restaurant non-stop and the kids will never want to go anywhere else any time they're in town.  The boys LOVED this place.

Meet Noah.....
We stopped at some random market right off hwy 99 to see if they had any flowers we could bring to mom to say thanks for watching O, but we got distracted by a cage near the front of the store with two brother kittens in it.  One of their other siblings had just been carried off by a happy little girl.  The owners of the store were giving them away for free on behalf of a neighbor whose farm cat had a litter.  The lady's two children were there and the way one of them was talking he would make a really good salesman someday.  The boys and i were on the ground petting the kittens.  Joe was standing but still held one surprisingly, and i think he had a moment like the one in the Grinch who Stole Christmas where at the end the Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes that day!  The boys and i had written off ever having a cat a long time ago, solely because joe had always been so adamant about not having one because of his allergies.  This made me sad, one because i'd pretty much always had a cat throughout my life, and two, the boys especially joey really really really wanted a pet.  But i do really like the guy i signed up to live my life with and don't enjoy seeing him miserable, so i pretty much just planned on having 2 cats after he dies, and i'm an old lady.  I just realized i don't like the sound of that having actually written out the words, because in reality, if he dies first, i'm hoping i'll follow him a few days later, if not hours.  Okay this post is getting morbid now, or sweet, depending on the reader.  Anyway, so i look up and see joe standing in the distance talking to the owner but they are close enough for me to make out a couple words like allergies, bath, they just get use to it.  After a couple minutes he's standing by us again.  I hear joey talking sweetly to the kitty, "Oh i know you want to come home with us, but you have to stay here."  They knew these cats were free but they also knew cats weren't an option in our house.  But when i looked up at joe's face he looked kinda strange and i thought, That man is actually considering letting them take one of those kittens home.  Long story shorter, the deal went down, and we walked away with Blue Eyes, as joey named him in the car.  At home, Noah was one of the only names that didn't get vetoed by the boys, so it stuck.

 Our little mother hen finally has something to take care of.


Noah loves Ian too, and apparently he's forgiven him for dropping his little kitty body overboard from the top bunk.

I gotta say, it's been pretty nice, instead of chasing after me all day, Oliver hunts down the cat:-)

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  1. So some night this week or last Eric is on Facebook and goes, "oh my gosh michele and joe got a cat!'. And I was like...'i thought joe was allergic!?! Wonder what happped!"

    And now I know the story of the Cat Grinch! : )

    I can't stop watching Oliver torment poor Noah...I can't believe Joey allows that! What where some other name suggestions?

    Thanks for finishing this post and read while with my sister, it was perfect!

    Oh yeah, I didn't think it was morbid on pp, I was feeling you. ; )