Friday, June 29, 2012

Apparently i laugh a lot more than i thought.  Shortly after writing that last entry, i took note of other LOL moments that evening and a couple to mention today.  Here's just a few things that gave me the giggles....

- Oliver repeatedly trying with all his might to throw a lego tire that was stuck on his finger

- Our little fierce kitty trying to climb our big tree, and sliding back down with claws outstretched

- Oliver's overly excited(with a tint of crazy) expression watching me pitch a whiffle ball to joey

- Joey's eruption of laughter as he darted back and forth in the back yard, long red ribbon trailing behind him while same fierce kitty chases

- Oliver's serious face with eyes squeezed shut as he pretends to sleep on command

- Me wearing my meant for home wear only fuzzy pink socks under my flip-flops going in to pick up joey from camp.  I get a pass on this one, i wasn't feeling too hot, and i meant to take them off before going in, i forgot!  Didn't realize it til we were driving away.

- The flash of Oliver's bare bottom as he bolts with lightening speed down the hallway, having just escaped from the bath.  Yes i left him in there alone for 30 seconds, yes i know babies can drown in two inches of water.  

Two things i've noticed.  I laugh whenever they laugh.  And i laugh more often when my husband is home. :-)

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