Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Nightmare that was my Friday

As i squatted on the closet sized family bathroom at the mall, staring at ian's body covered in poo, with my baby in a stroller screaming his head off, and my five year old inquiring when we can get out, i thought you know, this would be a REALLY funny story if it weren't actually the life i live everyday.
So our computer starting clicking, that's not good.  Somebody came up with the un-brilliant idea for me to take the boys to the Mac store after picking joey up from school to get the computer looked at.  I un-brilliantly agreed to this plan.  Over 20 minutes after our scheduled noon appt., they still have not even looked at our computer (the place is a madhouse), and i glance over at Ian who is holding his behind.  I inform an employee that we have a bathroom issue and will have to come right back.  I drag my entourage out of the store, where in the bathroom i see that Ian also has poop on his shoe.  That's quite unusual since the underwear usually contains any accidents he has.  Then to my horror i peek inside his pants.  The child did. not. put. on. the. underwear. i had laid out for him to wear.  It was absolutely awful.  Somehow i ended up clogging a sink and a toilet in the whole cleanup process, and it was a very long process.  THANK GOD i had an extra pair of jeans for ian in my bag that i had put in there a long time ago, otherwise it would have really been a sight to see as we walked out.  Ian's shirt was still a little smelly though so he left the bathroom with only a puffy coat on top and a soaking wet shoe on his left foot.  The boys and i all took turns in the bathroom having meltdowns, but we made it out alive.  I was planning on saying screw it and just heading home, but as we were walking past the Mac store, somehow i became brave again and marched the kids right back in.  A super friendly employee (they all are in there, it's pretty weird, but refreshing) said he was glad we came back, asked if we were all right, yeah yeah, we're fine.  He seemed more concerned than what would be expected for just a trip to the bathroom so when he emphasized again that the important thing was that the little guy was okay, i gave him a little more detail about how he doesn't know when he has to go, blah blah blah.  And he started talking about his nephew, and how he can't believe how much can come out of the little people sometimes.  Cause it was a lot, he said.  I just stared at him.  And he said, yeah there was kind of a little trail.  I really wanted to die at that moment.  I almost got teary-eyed.  What could i do but say i'm so sorry.  I thought i had lost all dignity in giving birth to my children, but i realized then that it would happen many more times in my life in many different situations.  My kid's poop left a trail on their floor that somebody had to clean up! I know for sure that if i had known that, there is no way in H-E double hockey sticks that i would have gone back in. Oh my goodness.  So finally, computer gets looked at, it's toast.  Didn't have all photos backed up to date, so we'll have to have a specialist look at it to get that info recovered.  And we had to buy a new computer.  Bye-bye budget.  Temporarily.  What did you do on Friday?

p.s. I'm typing this at the library.  My dear husband is giving me a much needed sanity break, and writing for me is therapeutic in itself.


  1. I went from crying to laughing to pretend strangling back to laughing and finally crying.

    Oh my poor sister, how I wish I could help you!!

    This entry was so well written, I really felt the heat and frustration that you had in the bathroom and the embarrassment in the store...I wanted to crawl in a hole!!

    It's not going to take Ian years, he is going to figure it out. Keep hanging in there and we'll keep praying.

  2. I totally realize what you are saying being a mother of an autistic child myself with the same issue.Please pray for me too and i'll pray for you