Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meet Mr. Bounce House

The newest member of the family!  Yes, we bought a bounce house.  I got the idea from a friend, the thought had never even crossed my mind before a month ago.  But shortly after hearing about it from her, i became obsessed with the possibility, and started praying.  Could this be the solution to my loathing of the fall/winter/spring Oregon weather? (Which in itself isn't bad, it's being the backdrop to my life with 3 energetic boys that's the problem)

This is not something i'm going around telling people about (except for the five or so people that read this blog!), mostly because it gives the impression that we have a lot of money or something.  Believe me that's not the case.  Rich people spend 250 bucks on motorized hummers to cart their kids around.  Smart parents spend 250 bucks on something that will WEAR THEIR CHILDREN OUT.  Thankfully i had enough gift cards saved up from previous birthdays and i received just enough money for Christmas so the whole thing cost us zero out of pocket dollars.  We are blessed with a very giving family, God gave me the desire of my heart and the item came back in stock just in time to get here a couple days before Christmas.

We did our usual Christmas family celebrations, got home from mom's house, i did poop hour with Ian, then got the boys all ready to head to bed.  I had the boys come into the play room, said i wanted to show them something cool, turned off the lights and distracted them with some glow in the dark drawing (thanks Aunt Beck!).  Joe announced before we shut the door that he had to go to the bathroom, but was really dragging in the bouncy and proceeded to blow it up.  I heard the humming of the fan, told the boys it was time for bed, we opened the door (joe being true to his alibi was sitting on the toilet as if there the whole time) and walked out acting as surprised as the boys were.  A note from Santa (man, writing in cursive was a lot harder than i remember it being!) was laying at the entrance, which read, "Dear Ewer Boys, This special gift was too big to fit on my sleigh so i had to make a special trip just for you.  I will leave it here with you as long as you play nice and do not ever fight in it.  Keep being such good little boys.  Love, Santa Claus"

In and out, in and out, the giddy-ness was unbelievable.  Within a few minutes they were breathing heavy and getting drinks of water.  My insides were doing jumping jacks and screaming Woohooo, my plan is working!  They have used it every day since, many times a day.  It fits perfectly in the garage, where it lays waiting til joey runs out to push the switch to blow it up.  They jump, get tired, turn off and come in.  No adult intervention necessary.  It's a dream come true.  And now the kids are actually getting some exercise.

How do i know it was worth every penny?
Just look at that face:-)

Merry Christmas to me:-)


  1. Yea!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!! Wow I am so excited for you! Oh and the boys ; ). That thing looks freaking awesome!!!!!!! It's huge!

    Can I just tell you, you guys win for best Santa delivery! What an awesome idea! How special did those boys feel!?! So freaking cool! (except the part where I had to picture Joe goin potty...i was playing the whole scene in my head...playroom, glowinthedark, kids in jammies...and then wammo, Joe on the toilet!)
    Anyway, so excited for you...that is a freaking awesome Christmas Present for you!! ; ). Good job Mrs. Claus!!

  2. That's awesome! Nice job Santa and helpers. Guess what Grant is going to want next year :)