Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take it Back

No one makes a liar out you better than a baby.  Well, kids too actually.  Whenever i say that one of my children always does this or never does this, or doesn't like this or is in love with that, they turn right around and do the opposite.  Happens all the time.  Don't put ME into a box woman, you haven't got me pegged yet!

-In light of this, please ignore my last post when i said Oliver doesn't like to sit.  It was immediately after that he just decided he would enjoy sitting.  He'll go straight from standing, plop his bum down and play contently with whatever he's got at the time.  My brain, so programmed by now to begin looking for him crawling at lightning speed down the hall is jolted when i realize he's still in the same place, just in a different position.  So weird.

-And the part about him not saying anything, that's incorrect now too.  He woke up Saturday morning and no joke, just spewed out a mouthful of sounds and babble that we had never heard from him ever before.  Aaaaaand of course da da was one of them.  Good job joe, you're 3 for 3. All the boys have said that before ma ma.  I LOVE his new little language now, joey thinks it's hilarious.  Probably because it's cute, but mostly i think because i make up things that he's saying.  I can't help it now that i'm addicted to this one guy's videos on YouTube.  Because he puts captions under all his baby's babble, i can't help but hear Oliver say crazy things when he's "talking".  If i had time to waste, i would probably sit and watch their videos til i've seen them all. They are awesome.

-He doesn't like getting his teeth brushed anymore.  And i forgot to mention the one pureed food he WILL eat is sweet potatoes.  Winter squash, eh, it's edible.  Mac 'n cheese, bring it on.

-Oh and he wanted to make sure i lied about the water thing too.  He likes it now when i hold my finger on one end of a straw with some water in it, then he kinda sucks it out as i release my finger.

-Still sucks his thumb to go to sleep, that better not change any time soon. 

And since i don't have any pics or videos of my own to share, please enjoy this.  Try not to watch a ton of their videos.  I dare ya.

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  1. I can sooooo relate to this! People ask, "so is grant a good sleeper?"...and I'm like "totally, ever since he was a baby!"...and bam that night he won't go to bed and wakes up a million times during the night!! Same thing with, 'is he a good eater' and 'he seems like he minds so well'...

    My mom says, "now you understand the saying 'age stage or teeth'...once you think you know them or got them into a schedule or just get comfortable they will start teething and screw it all up or hit another stage...as if on que!". I swear she has to remind of this every few months...i think she thinks it's funny too. But she's lived through it x4, so I know she feels my pain. ; )

    But I have gotten to the point where I am afraid to commit either way when people ask...or when I'm about to blog about something (I have a blog draft right now that I'm almost afraid to post because of this very thing! Well that and I haven't finished writing it.)