Sunday, October 16, 2011

Almost three!

Tomorrow our bright-eyed busybody tender-hearted Ian will turn 3!

True to his character, Ian requested a monster truck shape, but pink colored cake.  So fitting, as Ian is all about being rough and tough on the outside, but inside he's soft and sensitive.

I thanked joe last night for helping me live out my dreams, because without him they would never become a reality.  Meaning, i dream up something great, and then he does all the work! No wait, that's not true.  I did bake the cakes (not from scratch) and make the chocolate mud frosting (yes from scratch), and then he did all the carving, building, and spreading of frosting.  So i dream the dream, do the easy part, then give him the hard part.  It's a good system. ;O

The master at work.

Ta da!!!!!  It impressed a 3 year at least.

Eating the marshmallow wheels

Eating the headlights

Playing with presents.  Shhh, he doesn't know it's a bagful of used toys from Goodwill.  They are treasures to him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN JAMES, We love you!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Happy (almost) Birthday Ian!!! I can't believe you are 3!!

    Love the team work! Sounds really familiar!! ; ). Oh and making cake from scratch is not hard and really doesn't taste different...especially to a three year old!! Joe, nice job on the 'execution' of the 'dream'. Love you guys and can't wait to see you all!!!!