Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Joey asks me this week why they call it Vacation Bible School.  So i say well... Well, it's like school because you're learning, and it's the bible you're learning about, and it happens while you're on summer vacation.  The real reason though is that it's actually a vacation week for the moms.  Three hours each day for a whole week being kid free at NO COST.  That's just awesome.  I'm volunteering with joey's age group but it still feels like a vacation to me.  Oliver's in the nursery being held and cuddled with lots of fun toys to play with.  All i have to do is come and feed him when it's time, and hand him back for his diaper change!  Ian stayed home with daddy Monday.  Came to VBS Tuesday to play with the 2-3's group.  Said he didn't want to go today, so he spent the morning at the barber shop.  Going to grammie's in the morning to play, which means we all have to be out the door by 7:30.  Not sure yet the plan for Friday.  But really, it's been so much fun.  I don't have to listen to brothers arguing, don't have to lug around my fantastic but heavy baby.  I just get to play and help manage 60-some five year olds and help those that don't already know to understand just how much God loves them.  I know it means a lot to Joey that i'm volunteering with his group, and i am loving the time i am getting to spend with him. Oh, and we have matching shirts :-)

Here's a snippet of a little outdoor fun, some good 'ol duck duck goose.

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