Thursday, August 11, 2011

And the brainwashing begins

Oh yes, it's football season already.  Pre-season anyway.  First seahawks game was on tonight, and since we don't have ESPN at home, i packed up some dinner, loaded the two youngest in the bike trailer, and joey and i pedaled our way over to the barber shop to show our support for their daddy's only favorite hobby in the world.  Poor Oliver.  I can just see the hope rising up in his little heart, thinking he has something exciting to look forward to.  Little does he know that if he's really really lucky, he might only have to wait 30 long years to see his team in the superbowl.  Just like his daddy did.

Although for watching such a crummy team for a couple years now, these guys don't seem too bummed out.

But then again, joey says his favorite team is the dolphins, so maybe he's happy the seahawks suck.

I sound bitter.  Maybe i'm just mad that Matt is gone for good.  I couldn't even look at the screen, the game just isn't the same anymore.


  1. Love this post! Dude you are wife if the year for packing up the kids and dinner and bringing to the shop for a pre-season football game!!! Super bowl I could understand but preseason!!! You are a saint!!

    I can't believe how big Oliver is!!! It's unbelievable! (and unexceptable too!!).

    I do however love love the last picture if all your boys!! I keep coming back to look at it! ; )

  2. love this blog...
    you are a wonderful wife and mother...
    Bless you.