Sunday, January 6, 2013

Historic Ewer Mountain Trip!

We've taken joey on summer camping trips since he was a baby, but somehow have not made it to the mountain in the winter... until today.
Three other families were set to go with us, but one changed their minds and the other two couldn't shake off some nasty viruses in time.  The boys were bummed their friends wouldn't be there, but we couldn't not go.  Ian had been asking us every morning, "Is this the day we go to the big snowy mountain?", Gramma was already planning on taking the baby (not sure when we're going to stop calling him the baby;O), and we had already borrowed snow gear from a friend.  Nothing could stop us!  And it was sooooo worth it.
When i looked at the video we took i couldn't believe that we didn't get any shots of the steep hill that we went down, probably because we were too busy helping the boys find "steps" to get back up each time.  It was WAY faster and caught more air, but i somehow only recorded the smaller one, still just as fun though.  The other one obviously had more of a risk factor because a man was taken away on an ambulance as we were getting ready to load up.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  And this chronically cold person can say i was warm mostly the whole time, which if i'm honest is really the most important detail on what makes or breaks a good time for me, aside from my boys brilliant smiles and giggles of course:-)  See below!

Minus one pint-sized redhead

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