Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oliver Randoms

You know he's a third boy when his words most clearly spoken are "gun", "good guy/bad guy", I won", and "mine".

He says "Maul" (as in Darth Maul) every time he sees Darth Vadar on a sticker, in a book, or a mask. Then points to his light saber and calls it a gun despite repeated efforts on behalf of his brothers to correct him with both terms.

His source of comfort comes when he simultaneously sticks his left thumb in his mouth and his right finger in his belly button, most of the time having to yank up his shirt in order to find his happy place.

Favorite foods i'd probably say are still black beans, hummus, any kind of fruit, chips, and everything sweet of course. :-)

He is absolutely terrified of balloons.  Was just mildy against them after one loudly popped after floating to the ceiling at red robin. Everytime after that his first word upon seeing or someone even saying the word balloon was, "Pop. " It was Ian's birthday today so of course we had to do our annual tradition of covering their bedroom floor with balloons so the birthday kid wakes up to them being there. O was warming up to them and we were hitting them around during the day. Until he decided to lay on one, and then POP! Oh the tears. At bedtime all the balloons were back in boys' room and daddy and Joey playfully tossed a couple of them into the crib with baby, and that child had himself a little panic attack. I came into the room as everyone else is ushering all the balloons into the playroom, and the little pathetic thing is crying while i held him with his lip shaking saying "balloons" over and over until every single one had disappeared. I told Joey, "You were afraid of a lot of things when you were younger but balloons wasn't one of them." Of course then he wanted me to list off all the things he was scared of.  Poor little O's gonna be a real downer at birthday parties:-)

UPDATE: Only hates balloons at night, and definitely does not like them anywhere near his crib;O

Have I mentioned this child is crazy? CrAzy. He is sooo much trouble, a tester and headstrong to boot. But what a little lover he is. When he's not attacking every person and climbing every object like a wild ape, he 's soooo snuggly it makes my heart miss a beat. The hugs he gives his brothers are precious to witness. It's amazing how much he loves them considering he's yelled at most of the time for ruining this or that. They do try to take good care of him though, bringing him a toy when they anticipate him stealing one of theirs. Using self-control and not pummeling him when their arm is already pulled back mid-air. Teaching him manners and other important Star Wars info one word at a time.

Oh and we found out this summer that he is a water FREAK.  Was totally unprepared for this.

He is actually mostly dry in these pictures because i quickly realized i needed to go put my phone away in the van or it would get destroyed following this water baby around.  The child was trying to "float" like the big kids did in the middle of the fountain, which they do by putting their hands on the ground and letting their legs rise up.  But for this pint size, that qualified as swimming.  Then he saw kids laying on their backs with their heads in the water, tried to copy that and was completely submerged at this point.  His other favorite thing to do was bend over and let the water cascading out of the rock wall pour all over his head.  He was all over the place, water spas-ma-taz to the max.  My other kids still don't do that stuff.  Guess my fish genes got passed down after all.  :-)

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