Saturday, November 26, 2011

Praise God!

My insides were screaming tonight oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!  Ian self-initiated a poop on the toilet tonight for the first time EVER!!!!!!!!!  I still can hardly believe it and am cautiously optimistic.
His three day cleanout was finished on Thanksgiving.  The next day was Friday, which we spent downtown at the Macy's Day Parade, Finnegan's toy store, and watching the train display in the Macy's store basement.  It was a good day for Ian, considering he didn't have an accident the ENTIRE day, which was a first in, like, forever.  Then that night i made him sit on the toilet around the same time that i had been giving him a suppository the previous nights.  I was making him laugh while reading a book, periodically instructing him to blow hard on my forearm to make a tooting(farting) noise, suddenly he looked at me with shock on his face and said, "The poop's coming out."  It genuinely surprised us both.  
I thought we were back to square one though when he had an accident this morning, wanted to take a bath, then pooped some more in there.  I was planning on giving him an enema for the first time tonight just to make sure he was thoroughly cleaned out, but around the same time as we've been in the bathroom on previous nights, i heard Ian from the other room say, "I need to go poop."  So i yelled, "Okay good, go blow it out!"  I walk into the bathroom 30 seconds later and there's the most beautiful looking poop i've ever seen sitting right in the potty chair!  I was so excited he did it all by himself!  And bless his heart he said, "And i didn't need any medicine in my bottom."
We'll see what tomorrow has in store for us.  It's our day to hunt for our tree.

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