Monday, September 26, 2011


8 months old, can you believe it?!  I'll try and write and much info as i can think of as far as what's going on with him lately.

-Bananas are his breakfast staple.  Every morning, 1 banana.  I get a little nervous when i see the banana bunch getting low, i do not want to have to tell the shrieking monkey that we have no bananas today.  That could get ugly.

-Not a big fan of eggs yet, surprisingly.  No pureed peas, beans, or anything green for that matter.  I'd like my veggies cooked whole please.

-Not in love with cheerios, warming up to cheese, absolutely ADORES toast with jam.  Black beans are his fave as i've already mentioned.  So funny cause Ian wouldn't touch the things, i remember cause at the same time my cutest nephew in the world loved them!

-Doesn't really like taking sips of water, like, at all.  I still nurse him all the time so he's obviously getting enough to drink, but i'm wondering, when do they absolutely have to have water?

-Oh, so one big thing that happened a while ago!  Poor oliver had a runny nose constantly for almost two months.  And i'm not talking about it kinda comes and goes runny nose, it was using the booger sucker at least twice a day runny nose.  EVERY DAY.  Finally my brain kicks in and i realize he's had it ever since starting him on baby oatmeal.  So i go to rice cereal, nothing changes.  So i stop feeding him either one, start nursing him more often, give him some quinoa in place of the oatmeal, and ta da!  His nose is completely cleared up in less than 2 days.  I know i should try giving him some again just to see if he's really allergic to it, but i just don't wanna.

-He can finally sit up on his own perfectly well.  He just doesn't want to.  Why sit when you can crawl or stand?  He is soooo fast!  We have to keep the bathroom door shut because he's drawn to the bathtub like a magnet.  Blink an eye and he'll be standing at the tub banging his hands trying to climb in, or sticking his hand in the toilet.

-He stops people wherever we go, everyone wants to have a conversation with him, tickle his toes, touch his hair.  A nice couple in New Seasons who asked his name saw us again in the parking lot and the man waved and yelled, "Goodbye Oliver, have a good day!"

- I am torn throughout the day on whether i want him to hurry and grow up or whether i want him to stay this same way and never get older, depends on the minute.  When i'm trying to do something and he's heavy in my arms and reaching for this and that and my body feels worn out i feel like shouting "Walk already would you!"  When i look in at his sleeping body, little bum in the air, my heart throbs and i wish i could have him like this forever.

-Sleeping schedule is about the same.  To bed around 7:30, wakes up about 5:00, feed him, put him back to bed to sleep until whenever the boys wake him up.

-Hasn't said ma ma or da da, but knows what a kiss is, and will lean in and open his mouth wide over and over as i get as many kisses as i can from him.  Having a five year who rarely gives kisses anymore makes them so much more precious.

- I wish i could smell baby's breath every day for the rest of my life.  It's heavenly.

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  1. So I've read this entry so many times and have been brought to tears everytime! I think because I can so relate and because I wish I could be there to see my nephews grow I missed seven months of Olivers first year!

    I think it is so cute that Oliver has a fan club at the grocery store!! Love it!

    On the water thing...pretty sure Grant didn't have water until over a year...And we live in dryer environment than you. Other than that I have no idea! Considering you are nursing 24/7, I'm thinking he's probably good to go! ; ). So don't know how you do it...take care if everyone and nurse 'fulltime' too. By this age I was only nurse Grant three times a day and pump twice. You are amazing!!

    When you mentioned the black bean love in previous post, I thought the same thing, remembering when G loved them and I wouldn't touch them. I am glad that O loves his food 'whole', makes it easier to feed him for sure. How does he like Blueberries?? G still can't get enough of them!

    I seriously can't wait to see you all!! And get those beautiful baby kisses!!!